Series Capacitance Calculator

Series Capacitance

Through the sequential connection of capacitors in a circuit, where the positive terminal of one capacitor is connected to the negative terminal of the following, creating a continuous chain, series capacitance is achieved.
With series capacitance, the sum of the reciprocals of the individual capacitances determines the circuit’s total capacitance in an inverse manner.

Using series capacitance is mostly used to alter the circuit’s total capacitance in order to produce particular electrical properties or functionalities.
In electronic circuits, series capacitance enables the control of impedance, resonance frequencies, and signal filtering characteristics.

Understanding Series Capacitance:

When capacitors are linked together in a series configuration, their individual capacitances merge to create a unified capacitance value. This amalgamation is referred to as series capacitance.

Properties of Series Capacitance:

The overall combined capacitance (Ce) in a series circuit is consistently lower than that of the smallest individual capacitance. Conversely, it surpasses the capacitance of the largest individual component in the series. Although the voltage across each capacitor remains uniform, the current flowing through them differs. Nevertheless, the total current across the series circuit equals the current traversing each individual capacitor.


  • Filter Circuits
  • Voltage Dividers
  • Tuning Circuits
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Sensor Circuits
  • Filter out unwanted frequencies
  • Regulate voltage
  • Store energy
  • Improve power factor correction

In essence, the concept of series capacitance plays a pivotal role in electronics, enabling the amalgamation of multiple capacitors to attain a desired equivalent capacitance. Proficiency in comprehending the characteristics and computations associated with series capacitance empowers individuals to create and implement electronic circuits with enhanced effectiveness and efficiency.

This Series Capacitor Calculator allows you to calculate the total capacitor values for more than one capacitors in series.

Note : Don’t end with comma ( , )

Enter the capacitance of All Capacitor (E.g: 1,3,2,6,8,9,10,5)


\[C_{total} = \frac{1}{\frac{1}{C_1}+\frac{1}{C_2}+\frac{1}{C_3}+…..}\]


  • C = capacitors


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