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Because of their locations within an electric field, charged particles like protons and electrons have the ability to do work, which is represented by their electric potential energy.
The magnitude of the charges and the distance between them determine how much potential energy is stored. Joules (J) are used to measure it.

The energy contained in an electric field that may be released or transformed into other kinds of energy through interactions with charged particles or objects is primarily described by the term electric potential energy.
It facilitates the understanding of the dynamics of charged particles within electric fields and how they behave by physicists and engineers.


  • Capacitors
  • Electrostatic Machines
  • Electric Power Systems
  • Electric Motors and Generators
  • Particle Accelerators

Potential energy, or electric potential energy, is the amount of work that can be done by outside forces. This energy, also known as voltage or electric potential energy, is kept in reserve in electrical systems’ circuits. It is common for the stored energy to transform into different forms like heat, light, or motion. The formula V = kQ/r can be used to determine the electric potential energy at a certain point in space that is r distances away from a single charge.

Understanding Electric Potential Energy:

One kind of potential energy that results from the interaction of charged particles, such protons and electrons, is electric potential energy. It measures the energy that an object possesses as a result of its configuration or position inside an electric field. The joule (J) is the unit of electric potential energy. 

Derivations from other quantities: Other quantities like electric charge, electric field lines, and electric field strength can be used to calculate electric potential energy. 

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Examples: The energy generated as a charged particle moves through an electric field, the energy needed to separate charged particles, and the energy stored in a charged capacitor are all referred to as electric potential energy. 
Key concepts: Electric field, electric charge, and voltage are some of the other important ideas that are intimately associated with electric potential energy. Numerous physics and engineering phenomena require an understanding of electric potential energy.

You may quickly calculate the electric potential energy (voltage) at a specific distance with the help of this electric potential energy calculator.

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Charge (Q)
Point Distant (r)


\[V(r) = kQ / r \\(i.e)\;k = 1 / (4 * π * ϵ_0)\]


  • V = Electric Potential
  • Q = Charge
  • k = Scalar Quantity
  • ϵ0 = Permittivity
  • r = Point Distance

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