Electrical Admittance Calculator

Electrical Admittance

The sign Y represents electrical admittance, which is the reciprocal of impedance. The total ease with which an electrical circuit permits the flow of alternating current is represented by the combination of conductance, which is the ability to conduct current, and susceptance, which is the capacity to store energy. Admittance is the total of conductance and susceptance, measured in siemens (S).

Electrical admittance is mostly used to describe how electrical circuits behave in alternating current (AC) systems.
It aids in the analysis of current flow and energy distribution within the circuit and sheds light on how a circuit reacts to applied voltages.


  • Power System Analysis
  • Circuit Design and Analysis
  • Filter Design
  • Antenna Design
  • Control Systems

The purpose of this online calculator is to calculate an electronic circuit or device’s admittance (Y), which is the inverse of its impedance (Z). To produce the output, the calculator needs the values for reactance (X) and resistance (R).

Note : Don’t end with comma ( , )

Resistance (R)
Reactance (X)


\[Y=Z^{−1} =\frac{1}{R+jX} =\frac{R}{R^2 +X^2} −\frac{X}{R^2 +X^2} j\]


  • R is the resistance, measured in ohms
  • X is the reactance, measured in ohms

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