Horsepower and Watts Conversion Calculator

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Converting power levels between the imperial horsepower unit and the metric watt unit is known as horsepower and watts conversion.
This conversion enables power measurements from various systems and standards to be interchangeable and compared.

The main goal of converting horsepower to watts is to give a consistent way to express power output and consumption in a variety of sectors and applications.
It makes it possible for consumers, engineers, and technicians to comprehend and assess the power ratings, efficiency, and performance requirements of equipment, automobiles, and electrical appliances.


  • Automotive Industry
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Aviation and Aerospace

This converter makes it easier to convert between horsepower (hp) and watts (W) by supporting a variety of units, including electrical, metric, and mechanical. It makes it simple to convert horsepower to watts and watts to horsepower.

Note : Don’t end with comma ( , )

Select hp unit type


\[Horsepower \;(HP) =W/HP\]


  • W = Power in watts
  • HP = Value of one HP
  • 1 Electrical HP = 746 watts
  • 1 Mechanical HP = 745.69987 watts
  • 1 Metric HP = 735.49875 watts

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