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KVA to Amps

The technique of calculating the electrical current (amps) drawn by a load based on its apparent power rating (KVA) is known as KVA to Amps conversion.
The total power used by a load, including both active (actual) power and reactive power, is represented as apparent power, which is expressed in KVA. Conversely, amps show how electrical current flows via a circuit.

Converting KVA to Amps is mostly used to calculate the amount of electrical current needed to meet a specific apparent power demand.
Electrical components, including conductors, transformers, and circuit breakers, can be sized with the aid of this conversion to make sure they can withstand the anticipated current without overheating or going above their specified capacity.

Understanding KVA to Amps:

Kilovolt-amperes (kVA) represent a measure of apparent power, calculated as the product of voltage and current. Amps (A) denote a unit of electric current, indicating the flow of electrons. The correlation between kVA and amps is defined as: 1 kVA equates to 1000 volt-amperes.

Important Considerations:

Power factor (PF) affects the calculation

A low power factor may lead to increased current consumption.

Phase angle and voltage unbalance :

Ensure to utilize precise voltage and power factor values for precise calculations, as they can significantly influence the outcome.


  • Load Sizing
  • Transformer Sizing
  • Circuit Design
  • Power Distribution
  • Industrial and Commercial Applications

Real-World Applications:

Converting kVA to amps is a frequent practice in electrical engineering, power systems, and electrical design. Grasping the concepts of kVA and amps is vital for effectively designing and sizing electrical systems like generators, transformers, and motors. By adhering to these principles and equations, one can seamlessly convert kVA to amps and comprehend the correlation between these fundamental electrical units.

The current (I) in amperage in a single-phase arrangement can be roughly calculated by dividing the voltage (V) in volts by 1000 times the apparent power (S) in kilovolt-amps. We offer a kVA to Amps Calculator made especially for single-phase transformers to make this conversion procedure easier.

Note : Don’t end with comma ( , )

Enter kilovolt-amps (a)
Enter Volts (b)


\[A=1000×\left(\frac{ a}{b}\right )\]


  • A = Amperage
  • a = Kilovolt-amps
  • b = volts-v

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