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mAh power consumption represents the quantity of electrical charge utilized by an electronic device or system from a power source within a defined timeframe, commonly denoted in milliampere-hours. This measurement serves as an indicator of energy consumption, revealing the device’s current draw during operation and offering insights into its battery longevity and effectiveness.

Β The fundamental objective of monitoring m/Ah power consumption is to evaluate and enhance the energy efficiency and longevity of electronic devices. It aids manufacturers, engineers, and users in comprehending the energy demands of devices, facilitating the development, implementation, and operation of devices with improved efficiency and optimized battery performance.


  • Battery Life Estimation 
  • Energy Management 
  • IoT Devices 
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Embedded Systems

Effortlessly compute power usage with our mA/h (milliamperes per hour) power consumption calculator. The ampere, often known as an amp, serves as the standardized measure for current flow, with 1 Ampere equaling 1000 milliamperes (mA). Our online tool is tailored to precisely gauge power usage by considering battery capacity in milliamperes per hour (mA/h) and projected usage duration. Streamline your power assessment procedure by employing this user-friendly utility, enabling precise determination of power consumption grounded on the given battery capacity and estimated hours of usage.

Note : Don’t end with comma ( , )

Battery Capacity (c)
Estimated Hours (h)


\[b= \frac{c}{h} β‹…0.70\]

where :

  • b = Average Current Consumption
  • c = Battery Capacity
  • h = Estimated Hours

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