R1 and R2 from Ze and Zs Calculator

R1 and R2 from Ze and Zs

In electrical and electronic systems, resistance values denoted as R1 and R2 are derived from the impedance parameters Ze and Zs.
These resistances, which reflect the actual portion of the impedance in a circuit, are obtained via intricate calculations of impedance.

Determining R1 and R2 from Ze and Zs is mostly done to precisely evaluate and model electrical circuits.
With the use of these resistance values, engineers may carry out computations and simulations for circuit design, analysis, and troubleshooting, therefore simplifying complex impedance networks.


  • Filter Design
  • Amplifier Circuits
  • Power Supply Circuits
  • Signal Processing Systems

To determine R1 and R2 values from supplied Ze and Zs, use this online R1 R2 Calculator. The resistance of the circuit earth conductor is represented by R2, whereas the resistance of the circuit phase conductor is represented by R1. Ze stands for the loop impedance, which is the fault current path’s external impedance to Earth. The direct measurement, denoted by Zs, is the total impedance of the fault current channel from Earth to Earth. Utilizing the direct measurement and loop impedance, compute the measured value (R1 + R2).

Note : Don’t end with comma ( , )

Direct Measurement
Loop Impedance




  • R1+R2 = Measured Value
  • Zs = Direct Measurement
  • Ze = Loop Impedance

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